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I have been looking at these two GUI libraries for my project.
I will write down in this mail some issues which I have noticed.
My notes might not be correct though, so I would very much
appreciate any corrections and usage hints.

Also feel free to comment on other alternatives (I am also
going to check Iup)


Lua version support: (I am otherwise using Lua 5.0 alpha)

wxLua - I was first happy to see lua50 directory inside wxLua, but
        when trying compile, it seems that at the moment Lua4.0 is
        needed. (RegisterWXLua uses lua_newtag etc)

Lua-fltk - doesn't support Lua 5.0a. Because lua-flt seems to rely
        on toLua, I guess the main limitation is in toLua 5.0


Size: (actually not so essential for me)

wxLua seems to be the heavier one, but it also seems to have more
functionality. I do like the fltk look though.



wxLua - the release, and latest updates are from October

Lua-fltk - the www page doesn't seem to be updated in 2002
           (release from August 2001)

Both of the projects seem to be "one man operations", with not much
visible external activity.


Licensing: (I am at the moment rather suspicious agains anything with (L)GPL
requirements attached)

wxLua - claims wxWindows license, which in itself would be nice, because it
      allows free binary distribution in addition to the LGPL license. I am
      little woried though because of the wxLua and wxBasic relation. (wxBasic
      is under LGPL AFAIK)

Lua-fltk - LPGL, I think this is more strict than FLTK itself, which although LGPL
           allows static linking without suplying object files etc to the end user.
           (So getting a license change to Lua-fltk might be possible)


	Comments/Corrections ?