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At 05.32 01/12/02 +0100, Ignacio Castaño <> wrote:
>Those little things is what keeps me away from lua. toLua should be 
>more flexible, and instead of just translating C++ to lua, it should 
>allow you to say: "this is what I want in lua, and this is what I 
>have in C++, now generate the binding code".

That would be interesting. In any case, I would like tolua to leave the
original C/C++ header unchanged: having to fine-tune a copy of the header
by hand at every version change can be a nightmare, especially if the
header has been written by somebody else.

A possible solution would be for tolua to parse the original header and a
separate "tolua_interface_directives" file, describing how to
interpret/convert the information from the header. This approach would
allow both simple conversions and more elaborate Lua-C(++) interfaces, such
as the one Ignacio wishes for.