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We use our own dynamic package system (luax).

GAA>     poslib = {}
GAA>     local f, e = loadlib("lposlib.dll", "lua_poslibopen")
GAA>     if not f then
GAA>         error(e)
GAA>     end
GAA>     setglobals(f, poslib)  -- (this does not work)
GAA>     f()
GAA> But, I cannot set the globals table for a C function

May by you try this may:

poslib = {}
local f, e = loadlib("lposlib.dll", "lua_poslibopen")
assert(f, e)

and in your C code:

static int poslib_globals_ref = 0;

static int lua_poslibopen(lua_Stack *L) {
       poslib_globals_ref = lua_ref(L, 1);
       return 0

And in other functions you may use this reference.