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If anyones interested I released another version of my OpenGL script thing.
Should work on *nix now. I havent had any feedback to confirm this so if
someone wouldnt mind... Docs included in selfdoc format.

I imagine the next version will be in Lua 5.0 but I'm using toLua. I cant
imagine the current version of toLua will handle v5.0. Has anyone had a go
at converting the code or moved to another (public) solution?


See for more
details on changes and latest files.

0.5 - Beta build. Untested on platforms besides Windows and Cygwin.
  * Updated to Lua 4.0.1.
  * Fixed make klean to delete all source for clean CVS get latest.
  * Image integrated with gllbuffer to provide texture support.
  * GL binding updated to include gllbuffer functionality.
  * Added idle, drag, move and key callbacks. See callback.lua example.
  * Listboxs can now handle item maps of any type (previously just numbers).
  * Added texture.lua & texgen.lua examples.
  * Added -f option to command line for extra args.
  * Added selfdoc documentation system. Current features are:
     - Preprocesses code and uses simple Lua format for commenting.
     - Generates content list and groups contents.
     - Simple tag formating @Tcode@t @Bbold@b @Iitalics@i
     - Parses parameters and makes list.
     - Current formatted output only in HTML.
     - Scans --! and //! comments so suitable for Lua, toLua and C/C++.
  * GNU license details added and copyright notices attached to files as 
  * Fixed a few of cygwin compile problems. eg. GLU defines and CFLAGS.
  * Render class renamed Quadric.

0.4 - Tidying up - previous releases were a bit scrappy.
  * Added image support. Currently only supports TGA, a nice simple format.
    Dont really want to add dependencies to image libraries.
  * Added makefiles for *nix. This was done with Cygwin under Windows, not
    tested under *nix system. Should be able to just "make all" from root.
  * Removed any C++ hangover code in Lua so gcc doesnt complain.
  * Few minor bug fixes.
  * Commented more of the code.
  * Credited authors for Lua!
  * More example scripts & enhanced existing scripts.
  * Title window text tag now "title".
  * _DEVELOP helper scripts called from Doris not script.
  * Scripts clear screen rather than Window.

0.3 - Adding functionality and fixing bugs.
  * Fixed matrix bugs and made API more friendly.
  * Added eg/hierarchy.lua example.

0.2 - First executable released - not all scripts work.
  * Moved over to GLUI 2.1 beta which fixes some bugs.
  * Please use GLUT 3.7.6 as 3.7.5 has freeze and exit bugs.

0.1 - Up and running.