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I have little interest in a generational collector. It's going to add complexity for uncertain return. It won't help graphical applications that have to meet a hard video frame deadline (such as when doing interlace video with only one output buffer) very much. (Or perhaps not at all, now that I see this talk of needing an "occasional" full gc even with a generational collector unless you do some programming acrobatics.)

What I'd like to see is for the authors to do the exercise of adding a real-time write-barrier type gc to Lua. Now, I'm not suggesting that this become the default, because such a gc, although it will reduce worst case gc times, will increase program execution time. Rather, from the exercise, we can gather how to make the gc framework general enough to support both mark-and-sweep and real-time collectors, and discover if this generality can be done without hurting Lua's current performance. Of course, the game people will also gain a useful gc in the process :-).


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