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> > We intend to experiment with generational GC soon. Perhaps it will 
> > make it into 5.0 final. What are the "requirements of soft 
> realtime"?
> Realtime means the execution is in a timely and predictable 
> manner, and soft realtime means occasional miss is tolerable 
> but unwanted. For example, if I have only 12 ms to the next 
> frame, and if a call to
> collectgarbage(12) will generally return within 12ms, then it 
> is already good enough, thus so-called soft realtime. 

Wow... you must not be running at high frame rates.  12 ms is 75% of the
frame time of a 60 fps game.  I'd love if all rendering, AI, GUI
updates, blah, blah, could be done in 4 ms.

In fact, I'd say it is unacceptable for a garbage collection during the
real-time loop to exceed a millisecond.  This shouldn't be too much of a
problem, especially if the garbage collection wasn't "perfect."  I'd
even be willing, for these "real-time" environments, to specify the
objects Lua should look at doing a "full" collection on.