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Peter Loveday wrote:
> > > So I either need a means to add an extra value to the existing
> > > closure, or query the previously pushed function and values,
> > > then re-push it all with an extra one.
> >
> > Use lua_pushupvalues to get all upvalues in the stack and lua_tocfunction
> > to get the C function back and then create a new closure as needed.
> I can't seem to get this to work.  lua_pushupvalues() seems to return 0,
> when called with the function I'm interested in on the top of the stack.

lua_pushupvalues pushes the upvalues of the currently active C function.
And in that case it would be much easier to use

  lua_replace(L, lua_upvalueindex(x));

You cannot _add_ new upvalues with lua_replace but you can change them
(add some nil-upvalues initially...).

The other way would be to not change the upvalues but change the contents
of a table that the function has as an upvalue.  Then you can do whatever
you want...

Ciao, ET.