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>I was just wondering if there is any way to immediately stop Lua execution,
>say, if some user scripts enter an infinite loop

>You can set a hook and then a timer and a timer handler that calls lua_error
>when the time has elapsed. In Lua 5.0 you'll be able to set "count" hooks
>as well.

This can't be sufficient, as lua_error() will call exit() and the application will immediately terminate. Setting a hook may be a solution to break infinite loops, but is neither a good solution, as neither a counting hook nor a timer-based approach are very flexible. But the main problem is, the script MUST provide a way to stop execution on demand from the user, i.e. if he/she clicks a button, which won't be solved by setting a timer. Terminating the whole application doesn't seem to be good practice, either. So still, the problem persists...