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>   Also, since only a function scope may have its globals table
> manipulated, a wrapping function must exist to create the namespace.

Remember that every chunk is a function, and therefore you can change
its namespace; you don't need a wrapping function. As lhf pointed out,
it is very easy in Lua to change the namespace of the calling function
(see documentation for `setglobals'). So, you can start your chunk
with something like

  namespace "my_name"

so that the `namespace' function will change the global table of the
calling function (the chunk, in that case).

As an alternative option, you can change the namespace from the outside,
when you load a "module":

  local f = loadfile(filename)
  local new_namespace = {...}
  setglobals(f, new_namespace)
  f()   -- run the chunk

-- Roberto