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Russell Y. Webb wrote:
I thought he was suggesting that each app didn't have to do that because Lua already included it's own limited, custom printf.

and John Passaniti wrote:
> In many embedded systems (at least the embedded systems I work on),
> there is only one application.  It isn't a generic operating system
> that has multiple applications running at once (or even sequentially).
> In fact, there is rarely an operating system-- the application is all
> there is.  So there aren't multiple copies of *printf or any other
> routine occupying memory.

I said "libraries and apps" to be general. A single app may link to several libraries, agreed? Each library may need to do some formatted text output. (Russell thought I meant libraries on top of Lua, rather of libraries along side of Lua.) So if each library takes the position that the standard printf functions are bloated and rolls their own, the total result (your app) could end up larger than if everyone had just used the (*single copy*) of the standard printf.


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