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Thanks to work by John Belmonte, the Lua standard libraries project is 
moving towards Lua 5.0 compatibility. In particular, it now has a 
5.0-compatible require implementation, and a flat directory for modules, 
to avoid problems with different directory separators, and take advantage 
of require's file patterns.

I will eventually move the libraries to 5.0, but not until I can justify
using Lua 5.0 at work. This might be when the release is actually made, or
it might be sooner; I found Lua 4.0 alpha to be pretty solid, although I
didn't actually use it for production code.

Although it's technically possible, I do not propose to keep the libraries 
4.0 compatible. However, if anyone is interested in maintaining 
4.0-compatible versions, please contact me, as I do intend to branch the 
CVS tree when I move to 5.0.

If on the other hand you're an early adopter who'd like 5.0-compatible
libraries now, tell me, and I'll happily branch the tree and maintain the
4.0 branch until I switch.

If anyone has alternative views or suggestions, I'd love to hear them (and 
of course if you want to get involved, you're welcome).

Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes (Anon)