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 Lua is tiny, easy and non-programmers language.

Lua gives enough rope to a non-programmer to hang himself, thats for sure.

The way I seen this discussion, noone here tryed to enforce any change on
Lua sintax. Ppl
just expressed their love / hate. And when it come to sintax, there is a lot
to love and hate.
I love { } , Im a C/C++ man since many years, for me C sintax is wonderfull.
As someone else on this list remarqed, it comes very much to what are you
used too from past works, etc ...

I love Lua despite its pasqualish sintax, and I will use it regardless it's
sintax, for many other advantages it has. Should I have known the direction
where such a thread can go, I would never said in the first place I dont
like Lua's sintax. But, on the other hand, this thread was interesting for
me, and had several educative asspects.

Best regards, Dan

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From: "Denis Andreev" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 10:46 AM
Subject: syntax likes and dislikes

> I think, that already enough these disputes. If someone does not like
> syntax he/she easily can base own project. Lua is tiny, easy and
> non-programmers language. I don't want another Ruby - monstrous number
> of exceptions and semantics sugars.
> --Denq