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A suggestion.  If there were a cardboard reference card for Lua,
it would be both useful and serve to promote the language.  If it
were for sale for some small amount, the funds could be used to help
promote Lua.  This might be a better project for the Lua Users

It could be printed Portuguese on one side, and English
on the other, where English is a member of a set of other languages
should it prove popular.

FSF and GNU had a couple of such cards in their inventory, one for 
Emacs, one for GDB, but I think they've dropped back to publishing
postscript from which one can print your own.

Anyway, I'd be willing to pay US$5 for such a card, and throw in 
an additional US$25 to support the Users Group or Lua promotion.

Just a thought...

 Jan Theodore Galkowski    (o°)
 The Smalltalk Idiom       
 C, Lua, ETL, Smalltalk, databases        Windows, Unix, PalmOS, VMS
 embedded integration, XML               Perl, DGL, test engineering