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> > Ah. I set out to add "formatters" so that you could render 
> your document in
> > HTML, Latex, PS etc. But as always, time ran out and I only 
> need HTML. So it
> > could probably be simplified significantly, unless people want other
> > formats.
> Simplification does sound like a good thing. Indeed, perhaps a 
> reimplementation of the same idea; to be frank, it had never 
> occurred to 
> me, and as usual, using the Lua parser to do the work solves a lot of 
> parsing problems.
> If you're interested in doing anything like this yourself, I would of 
> course be delighted! I suppose it would be good for Doris too 
> to have it 
> simplified and separated.

A rewrite would be pretty low down my priority list (since it works :-) but
I could simplify it at some stage. What would you say needs doing, just
removal of the formatter abstraction so everything is done in HTML? The code
works as standalone, its not integrated now, its just a script which
receives some file names to process.