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> I've used Doxygen, which I think is great, does everything you need. I
> looked into writing a parser or convertor for Doxygen but too much hassle
> (ie. quicker to just write on in Lua) and formatting not quite right for
> Lua. I think you just need simple groups and items in groups for Lua docs as
> Lua usage is pretty open ended.

I agree about DOxygen, I looked at it myself.

> Ah. I set out to add "formatters" so that you could render your document in
> HTML, Latex, PS etc. But as always, time ran out and I only need HTML. So it
> could probably be simplified significantly, unless people want other
> formats.

Simplification does sound like a good thing. Indeed, perhaps a 
reimplementation of the same idea; to be frank, it had never occurred to 
me, and as usual, using the Lua parser to do the work solves a lot of 
parsing problems.

If you're interested in doing anything like this yourself, I would of 
course be delighted! I suppose it would be good for Doris too to have it 
simplified and separated.

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