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I for one, Im completly for eliminating redundancy.

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From: "John Passaniti" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2002 6:29 PM
Subject: RE: syntax likes and dislikes (RE: Evaluating LUA)

> > With the current syntax you can almost
> > form statements that read much like
> > an English sentence:
> Find the 'then' in the following English sentence:
> If Sue is hungry she'll eat the apple.
> I honestly don't believe that removing DO and THEN from non-programmer's
> introduction to Lua is going to be the biggest stumbling block they'll
> with the language!
> My interest in removing unnecessary syntax is not to reduce typing, but to
> make Lua a smaller and more trim language.  Admittedly, making two
> optional doesn't substantially result in a leaner language, but it is
> consistent with the Lua author's stated goals.