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> I put a document generator in Doris (selfdoc.lua in doris/src). I'm trying
> to document version 0.5 for release fairly soon. It "inverts" the code thats
> commented "--!" and executes it to generate the docs. It also generates an
> index, has groups, nice fomatting :-) . May be useful?

It certainly looks interesting. I'd be interested to hear other people's 
opinions, as I've not used *Doc systems much. This one is flexible, and 
makes good use of Lua's lightweight string/table syntax, but I'm wondering 
if it's too flexible (i.e. confusing) and whether the syntax is 
lightweight enough to be reasonably easy to read in an editor.

I can certainly see myself being convinced. I think the main thing it 
would take is a very simple (and reasonably strict) set of "tags".

>From the look of your CVS tree you've also looked at and discarded LuaDoc.

penitent, a.  undergoing or awaiting punishment (Bierce)