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> Yeah, I prefer JavaScript's C-derived syntax, too, but if Lua 
> used curly braces you would start expecting C-like operators 
> too (++, --, +=, *=, <<, >>, etc).  Lua stays leaner by 
> omitting these, and it's probably best to not having a syntax 
> that constantly reminds of their absence.

I am constantly reminded of the operator absence whenever I do:

table.value = table.value + 500    -- instead of table.value += 500


table.string = table.string .. "Hello" -- instead of something like
table.value ..= "Hello"

But this has been brought up before.  I didn't mention it to start a
debate again...

As strange as it sounds, and I don't even get the chance to use Python,
I like the idea of blocks being tabbed in and the complete lack of
braces... ;)