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I actually like the fact that Lua is not C-like.  There are already too many
C-like languages and it becomes rather confusing to have to deal with all
the variations-on-a-theme.  Lua's choice of syntax avoids that problem.

My biggest concern in adopting Lua is the overhead of the garbage
collection.  In a real-time environment on machines which have poor random
memory access times, having the GC walk across the data structures is very
time consuming.  This will greatly constrain how we can use the language
unless an alternative mechanism can be retrofitted.  I'd much rather have
this addressed by the original authors, but I haven't seen any discussion of

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If you plainly ask me what I did not like to Lua, is its "pascualish"
sintax. Im a beleiver in
if() { } and not in if - then - end. Brackets add more clarity and