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Luiz wrote:
> >As an exercice, I re-created the Lua logo in the POV-Ray language, it was
> >good exercice.
> Nice, but I expected true spheres...

Hum, I haven't though of this one, I guess I will add this as an option...
I suppose you mean true spheres for the planet and moon.
The hole is probably still to be digged by a cylinder, unless I make the
logo semi-transparent...
Same for the logo (text), I have to dig it in the sphere, unless it is just
painted on it.

> BTW, if you want to repost more images, please post a URL instead. The
> server rejects postings with base64 attachments to reduce spam.

OK, I have set a small POV-Ray page on my site, nothing there yet, but it is
a good place to put updates.

> >(I took the algorithm from Luiz's PDF translation...)
> I'm glad I did this because decoding the PostScript code is not fun...

You bet, I was glad to have this handy :-)

> >(when is the official birthday date?)
> says
> 	08 Jul 1994
> 	Lua 1.1 released. This is the first public release of Lua. 
> but of course Lua existed before this. The SEMISH'94 paper was written in
Feb 94
> and Lua was definitely not vaporware then!

I would consider the first public release, then... At least the date is
I let slip this year anniversary, I will make a big, nice scene for the 10th
anniversary, it will let me some time, perhaps I can do it :-P


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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