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>Does lua_load call this once ?  Or is there a loop like that:
>char *chunk;
>size_t size;
> compile_chunk_to_bytecode(...)

It's a loop, but not like this. It's the low-level loop in the lexer,
getting characters. Every time it runs out of characters it calls the
user function for more. This function returns NULL to signal EOF.

>If it  is the  loop, it  would be simple  to write  a line  based data
>format where just by a charcter in the first column.

Yes. That's why I've mentioned that what you wanted yo do was easy with

>I dived  into the  code of Lua  4, and  I believe that  it is  not too
>complicated to get this to work by modifying lzio.

That's the way we did it. See 5.0w0.

>If there would be no loop,  the user basically would be forced to read
>in the whole file  first, and we would need to keep  date once more in

We certainly do not want to force the user to read it all at once. In fact,
the user may even hand 1 byte at a time, if necessary.