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> My implementation of breakpoints is as follows: a table in the registry
> contains strings of lua code of the form "return exp" indexed by the
> breakpoint's location stored as a string. [...], but this does not work
> with conditions relating to local variables.

Another option is to precompile your breakpoint code inside a function,
and declare the locals as paramenters to the function. Something like

   local pre = {p=nil}
   function-to-be-called-at-line-2 ()
     if %pre.p == nil then    -- first time?    
       local s = collect_local_names_list()
       %pre.p = dostring("return function ("..s..") return "..exp.." end")
     local v = collect_local_values_list()
     if call(%pre.p, v) then ...

-- Roberto