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> From: Tristan Rybak []
> Sent: dimanche 7 juillet 2002 05:17
> To: Multiple recipients of list
> Subject: Re: remote debug
> It's very fast when you have all breapoint data locally (in 
> debugger where
> program goes)

This is the case. The debugger state is stored in the registry of the lua

> But what if user wants to set breakpoint during program 
> execution? or do a
> execution break?

No problem, I have set up a tcp/ip socket which is polled inside the line
hook: the interface can send whatever commands it wants, the debugger will
be updated at tne next line hook call. The drawback I see is that socket
polling might slow down the state's execution quite mightily, along with the
table lookup so see if a breakpoint is encountered. But I am not done
implementing the stuff, so no benchmarking has benn done so far.

> I have to ask debugging editor about every execution line in 
> that situation.
> Cheers