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Tristan Rybak wrote:
> I am thinking where to keep information about breakpoints during remote
> debug:
> 1. send all breakpoint information to client debug stub -> for small
> embedded environments it has a big hit on memory...
> 2. keep all debug info in debugger -> big hit on performance because client
> must ask debugger every debug line what to do.
> What do You gurus think?

This may sound silly, but why not program both and make 
it an option? Either approach has benefits
and problems, so allowing the user to choose might be 
the best solution. That way you can have your bread and eat it.

You could also split up the breakpoint data between the client and 
debugger in some clever way, of course.

"No one knows true heroes, for they speak not of their greatness." -- 
Daniel Remar.
Björn De Meyer