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> > for local debugging. I have use titmouse a couple of times 
> but I dont like
> > keymap (ctrl-x exits application?!) and it still seems bit buggy, 
>  > this may be a better solution.
> The keymaps etc. are all in Lua, also menus etc.

Oh, theres no mention of this in the readme that comes with the binaries, or
any lua file.

>  > Perhaps I'll try and hack my debug stubs into it.
> That would be cool, as I also would like to extend the wxLua 
> to include 
> LuaSockets and some other libs I'd like to heve.

Well I also started a version of Lua called Rio which dynamically loads libs
as well, but this is in the "work to do" pile as well :-) ie. so you could
load wxLua DLL and LuaSocket DLL and create a debugger then debug target
application. It is easier just to statically link it all together though :-)
> > Well done wxLua team, keep up the good work.
> I'll absolutly second that!
> (altho I think the 'team' is only one person, Paul Windood)

Ah. I thought I saw some other names in the credits, probably my mistake,