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	I've made a package with some libraries and a Makefile
that modifies the distributed Lua interpreter to add the capability
of loading dynamic libraries.  I've only tested it on Linux, but I
think it runs on any Unix...

I've been thinking in similar patterns when I first started coding in Lua. It's of course possible to recompile the Lua engine and add the desired library support, but this is not what I desire.

	I've been using it for exactly what you want: scripts
that need some C libraries loaded dynamically.  The package includes
LuaSQL, LuaSocket, MD5 and Poslib.  I can send you a copy if you ask

Is this the same tarball as

Otherwise I would appreciate a copy of your code.

	On the other hand I don't know exactly if the method I've
implemented will be compatible with the method adopted in the new
version 5.0.  So, maybe you would prefer to wait for it.

Is it worth it to wait? How far away is Lua 5.0? Days? Weeks? Months? I haven't seen any approximative schedule, so I though I'd ask (although I expect an answer of the form "It's ready when it's ready." :-) )

/ Sebastian Rasmussen

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