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I think Asko was searching for a more generic libary loading than loadlib suppliues (which loads lua-specific extensions, that handle the dll loading and function exporting)

Well. alll this has actually been discussed before, but I have yet to see a solution that loads dll's generically like say VisualBasic does with the 'declare'

I believe ther is a generic function loader for Linux, part of the luagnome project (

I've yet to see something like this for Windows, tho, and would be very intersted in such.

The LuaCOM might well suit some purposes here...


1. I'd use a generic "lua interpreter" (like the one provided in the

2. In the lua scripts run through that interpreter, they'd say "load" (or something like that), dynamically linking to the
functions etc. resources within the ".so".

This isn't possible with the current implementation, right?

No, because it depends on system-specific code for dynamically linking.
For a simple addon that does that for Unix and Windows, see