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> >One comment which immediately springs to mind is please don't 
> >abbreviate the module names!
> It will be impossible to please everyone. Please let's no 
> start a religious
> war about this.
> Although it's not the best solution, you can always use your 
> own names,
> by simply writing things like "string = str" at the top of 
> your programs.

There doesnt seem to be much of a religious war, most people seem in
agreement! :-)

The whole point of a standard library is that you just include the files and
write a script. I dont want to have to write "string = str" at the top of a
file. What you basically encourage there is non standard scripts being
written and everyone having their own coding standards - more difficult to
share/read code.

I dont want to come back to some code 6 months later and have to remember
str is a string, not a stream or a store. When/if the library expands you
may be thankful that the names are clearer as it removes ambiguity when
library names are similar. It may also help in building up a useful reusable
code base.