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> > But, and please correct me if I am wrong, but don't lua regexps
> > support multi-byte patterns? Can't you do a (abc)+ to match
> > "abcabcabc" ? [...]
> No :-(

The workaround i am using for this is: use a gsub to replace all occurences
of a multibyte pattern with a single byte that you hope doesn't occur
anywhere else in the string: s=gsub(s,'abc','\2')
and then search for this special char: gsub(s,'(\2)+',...)

There is also another thing that is missing in gsub and strfind:
alternatives. ("either-or" matches)

Until those two things are fixed (which they will undoubtedly, sooner or
later :) you might be better off with the rexlib (from the page - but the link seems to be