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> Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> >>É uma pena, acho que poderíamos criar uma lista em português.

> >
> > That would be a great idea. In the meanwhile, I would have to remind
> > that we should not send messages in Portuguese to the list: Most
> > participants of the list do not speak Portuguese, and they get very
> > curious with such messages ;-) (Of course, messages to the lua team
> > at tecgraf...] can be in Portuguese.)
> >
> > -- Roberto
> >

> How could be implemented a list in Portuguese?
> The Lua team could create it and participate?
> I find this initiative very  important  for the Lua growth in countries
> of Portuguese language or until Spanish.

For me, I would prefer that the list be multilingual. People could put
the language in the subject line, for example. Otherwise, there would
just be more lists to subscribe to. Of course, that is easy for me
to say because I can read Portuguese and Spanish. (Writing in Portuguese
is difficult for me, though.) And I don't mind seeing other languages.
I would rather include the largest possible number of people in any

Of course, English is probably the lingua franca of the community,
lamentable though that might be. So there are probably more people
who can provide responses to messages written in English. But we
should not exclude the expertise of people who find English difficult,
nor should we limit their ability to ask questions. Perhaps some of us
volunteer to translate substantive messages between languages...