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We have decided to release future versions of Lua under the MIT license.
A preview of the new license page, which will replace the current copyright
page, is available at

The MIT license is the simplest license that we can pretend to understand,
being neither lawyers nor native English speakers. The MIT license does
seem to cater for all our needs, in that it covers the software and its
documentation, it explicitly mentions authors and copyright owners, and
demands simply that credit be given by including a copyright notice. It
does not say how this is to be done, nor whether it suffices to include the
copyright notice in the documentation.  We are satisfied if the copyright
notice is included only in the documentation, as we have tried to say in the
text that precedes the license itself.

We hope this move to a standard license will clear all doubts whether Lua can
be used with GPL software and how to give credit in binaries and all that.
We welcome comments on the web page above.