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I use the python os.path module for a handy reference.


Even if you can't read python very good, there are useful comments. For
example, in

# Normalize a pathname: get rid of '::' sequences by backing up,
# e.g., 'foo:bar::bletch' becomes 'foo:bletch'.
# Raise the exception norm_error below if backing up is impossible,
# e.g., for '::foo'.
# XXX The Unix version doesn't raise an exception but simply
# returns an unnormalized path.  Should do so here too.

hope that helps,

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Sent: Tuesday, 21 May 2002 3:01 AM
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Subject: Q: file specification syntax for Win32, MacOS, UNIX?

Good evening!

For some platform-independent code, I need the syntax of file
specifications (including volumes and folders) for Win32, Mac
OS and UNIX platforms.

Does anybody have a pointer  to such information?  I searched
the web but without success (it seems to be too basic for be-
ing published on a web page...)

Thanks in advance for your effort!

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