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>A bad license IS probably the worst thing that could
>happen to Lua, but can you just relax and have some faith.
>The day Lua goes GPL is the day I start breaking the law
>or start writing a replacement, very inconvenient.

No one is proposing that Lua goes GPL, neither the team nor the others.
We're all just concerned to ensure that Lua is as free as possible and that
it can be used with GPL software.

But I agree with you here:

>I just have to say that it's a little sad how much
>conversation licensing can generate relative to the
>actual technical questions or productive work.

Using a standard licence, even if it does not spell things out exactly as we
think it should, would give us all more time to focus on technical questions.
After all, we the team are neither native English speakers not lawyers, and
the subtle details of license texts are too much for us. I have the impression
that this is also true for many people here and everywhere.