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On Mon, 2002-04-29 at 14:49, Reuben Thomas wrote:
> > 	this is simple is there is no local value then try a global value if
> > there is no global then create a local value.
> But what if you wanted to read an unitialised local?
> e.g.
> while ... do
>   if foo then ...
>   foo = bar ()
> end
> here, I clearly want foo to be local, without declaring it. But you're
> forcing it to be global. That doesn't sound like local by default!

	Only if there is a global named foo. Also you could initialize a local
value with nil before entering the loop like this: 

	foo = nil
	while ... do 
		if foo then ...

		foo = bar ()

	Since foo is local then you are not damaging any value initializing it.
The global one would be unharmed. 

[]'s Victor Bogado da Silva Lins