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This is the best case for me as well, for the same reasons Peter listed:

 - globals are *very* rare in my system. 99% of the globals that do exist
   are created by the C++ host as a side-effect of loading code packages.
 - I expect a lot of inexperienced coders to use my app (which is why
   I added Lua support to begin with).
 - Bugs resulting from accidental globals are very difficult to find, even
   for experienced coders.

I don't see that the proposed system fixes our problem. I'd be interested
to hear of any alternative solutions, too.


On Friday 19 April 2002 11:16 am, Peter Loveday wrote:
> > The main issue is whether global declarations as proposed solve the
> > perceived need for global declarations.
> > --lhf
> Well, not having played with it yet (obviously :) I'm not sure if it solves
> my problem or not.
> The main issue for me, is that I'm using Lua to script an application
> where (advanced) end users will be directly writing and modifying Lua
> code.  


> I suppose for me the ideal would be an explicit global declaration
> and local-by-default behaviour.