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On Freitag, April 19, 2002, at 07:35 , wrote:

often anyway.  I.e. you want to write t:append(e) instead
of Table.append(t,a) or x:sin() instead of Number.sin(x).

Some intervention here: please don't include all the oo-concepts in such simple things in lua directly! It's wonderful that you can have a decent way of object oriented programming, but don't make everything oo. If you want to do this then user ruby or something like thats. IMHO that's definetly the wrong way for lua.

A basic rule for my personal lua-programming is the following:
If you need a handle, (e.g. for files) then making an object out of the whole thing may be the better solution. But even then, think about it first. But please don't force me to do something like this everytime i want a sine of a number




is much better, simpler, cleaner.


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