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> I have one idea in this regard although I am not sure how good
> it is.  One poster suggested that global might be OK since it would
> likely be used just by power users.  If this were the case perhaps
> all features should be divided into two sets and if you wanted to
> access the more complex set then you would have to declare your
> intention in some sort of declaration statement.

One thing that should be clear is that "global" is a syntactical
declaration, with lexical scoping. It has no effect at all outside
its scope. So, if your code does not use "global", nothing changes
from Lua 4.0.

> Is there a search path facility in lua so that I can put reuben.l and
> other libraries I might find or create and not have to worry about where
> it is located on my system?

Not in Lua 4.0. The next version will have a "require" facility that
uses a search path.

-- Roberto