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>Are you planning something?

Whether to continue to support it... I've done a lot of work cleaning up
the code and adding a few more functions and was wondering whether someone
would be needing it or willing to test it. Here is a list of what is currently
in the new, unreleased version of poslib:

access		fork		kill		rmdir		times
chdir		getcwd		link		setgid		umask
chgrp		getenv		lock		setuid		uname
chmod		getgroup	mkdir		sleep		unlink
chown		getlogin	mkfifo		stat		utime
ctermid		getpasswd	pathconf	symlink		wait
dir		getprocessid	readlink	sysconf

>Some function conflicts with standard Lua
>ones (getenv, date, as I can remember).  It'll be good to put all functions
>in a proper namespace.

date is gone from poslib. getenv does a little more that the standard version.
Yes, they will be exported as os.mkdir and such, both in the standard libraries
and in the posix library.