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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> If an official answer has to come from the Lua team, then here it is:
> Lua is compatible with GPL, since Lua's license is very similar to the new BSD
> license, zlib's license, and X11's license, all of which are GPL compatible.
> Is this enough? Should this be explicit in the copyright page/notice?

I agree that the Lua license looks similar.  I hope it is compatible as
you say.  However, and I mean no disrespect, the official word has to
come from GNU by them adding the Lua license to their compatible list.
It's from the authors of the GPL'd software whom I must worry about
lawsuits, not you guys.  If GNU says a license is compatible with their
GPL, that can hardly be refuted.  If someone should still challenge it,
they face the FSF legal team.


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