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> - "generic for": will have an implicit state, so that for several common
> uses you don't need a new closure for each `for'.

> - co-routines: basically as it is, but we will try to allow for `yield's
> inside linehooks.

> - metatables: as it is now, but the keys will be prefixed with '__'
> (e.g. __gettable, __settable, etc.) The main ideia is to facilitate
> finding parts of the code that deal with metatables.

> - error handling: we will probably change functions related to error
> handling (dostring/dofile, call, etc.). We will have a proposal soon.

Any thoughts of some form of exception system for this?
> - standard libraries: standard libraries now use "namespaces".

> - declaration of globals: we introduced global declarations:

Hooray!  My number one gripe with Lua answered :)

Looks like a very clever and versatile solution to the problem.

What is the scope of the "global in x" statement ?  ie if some
idiot writes a function that says "global in x" then returns, I
am hoping if I call that function it will not alter what my current
global scope is set to?

Also, how do you reset globals to be truly global... something like
global in global ?

> - we introduced a "lightweight userdata", which is a value and not an
> object.

I don't really understand what the difference is, as userdata is simply an
arbitrary 32 bit value anyway?  Does this just imply the lightweight
userdata cannot have a metatable?
> - require: the path now specifies "templates", instead of directories.

Cool.  Obviously the question is, when is work5 out ? :)

- Peter