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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> - standard libraries: standard libraries now use "namespaces". So,
> strfind now is str.find, sin is math.sin, fileopen is Some
> basic functions (type, assert, error, etc.) are still global. We also
> changed the io library; e.g. files act as objects (f =;
> f:read(...); f:write(...)).

Not looking to be flame bait here, but what about using an existing
class hierarchy and naming for objects and methods?  Python's may be a
good one given that Lua and Python are closely related.  Perl could also
be used since a lot of work has gone into developing CPAN and organizing
all the 1000's of modules there, but care would have to be taken because
many of Perl's functions are from the pre-OO days (such as open).  Java
may be another one to consider.

This would make it easy to reduce the amount of time to think about how
to lay out a hierarchy and concentrate on other things.  Also, porting
from the model language would would be easier.


Blair Zajac <>
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