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> > I would like to see these libraries become the basis
> > for a community-maintained set of standard Lua
> > libraries. If anyone is interested in setting up a project
> > to do this, please contact me. I would envisage a
> > simple SourceForge project with access to the code,
> > auto-generated documentation, and a Wiki for
> > discussion of development.  Perhaps this could be
> > part of
> Here are a few possibilities:
> * use the lua-users sourceforge project.  It's a normal project with cvs
> repository, file release system, etc.  You're also welcome to use the web
> hosting (make a new tree like, set up another
> wiki, etc).

I've taken a long time to get back to you, I know... Could you set me
up as a developer (and administrator, if necessary) on the SF project,
so I can do this? I'd like to get this project out in the open
soonish; at least for the moment, the stuff I have seems pretty stable.

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