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First, is there any documentation for 4.1w4 more up to date than

I just got 4.0 figured out and now would like to know how to port.

All of my questions are for the C API side of things, I don't do any 
of my applications actual implementation in Lua itself, I simply 
provide a well designed OO API via Lua for the users. What the API 
does is completely implemented in C, so if you respond, try to do so 
with C, not Lua.

Basically I just want to know how the following process is supposed 
to be represented in 4.1...

Program Starts

  API Initialization
    // These lines represent just one class, I have many classes
    // Tag methods are used to execute methods of an object
    settagmethod gettable
    settagmethod settable
    register 'new/create' method for this tag/class
    ('new' method does a pushusertag)
  Process Users Lua Code
  	  --- everything is defined in the API, 99% gettable/settable
  	  --- gettable/settable functions use lua_touserdata

Program End

How is something like this supposed to work in 4.1... To start with, 
tags are gone and userdatabox seems to be the giant key. The couple 
paragraphs of documentation that I've seen differs between 4.0 and 
4.1 on this subject do not help me.