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Good morning!

Several weeks ago I asked for Win32 distributions of Lua, TkLua and LuaSocket - and got no answer.

As a consequence, I made these distributions myself. After 5 weeks of testing, I'm now about to publish my work.

If you are interested, please have a look at and linked pages. Most of my HTML documents (related to Lua) are still kept in german, but I hope to provide translations by end of this week. (Comments within the source code are kept in english)

You'll find
 - Win32 distributions, VC6 project files and a documentation of what
   I had to do (
 - a (somewhat) systematic set of programming examples for Lua, TkLua
   and LuaSocket (
 - two additional example programs

Additional material will come as time permits.

My web site contains feedback forms (both in english and in german) in order to contact me.

Any feedback is welcome.

Kind regards,

Andreas Rozek