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Okay, I sound like a real idiot :), but I got it compiled and everything,
but now, i can't figure out how to use the tcl command `pack'.
  I have the following tcl code:
>> entry .input
>> pack .input -fill x -side bottom
>> bind .input <Key-Return> {handle_input $sock $line; set line ""}
>>   .input config -textvar line
>> text .output -font {{Courier} 8} -background #000000 -foreground #FFFFFF
>> pack .output -expand 1 -fill both -side left -anchor nw
>> scrollbar .scroll -command ".output yview" -orient vertical
>> pack .scroll -fill y -side right
>> focus .input
  which i have the basics already done, but I can't get pack to work (the
documentation isn't vary detailed on commands, or anything)
 Anyone help? ;)