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On Sat, Oct 27, 2001 at 03:34:07PM -0400, Daniel Perry wrote:
> 'lo,
>  i'm having a little bit of trouble compiling tklua with cygwin. I have all
> of the tcl libraries/include files that came with cygwin, the X11R6.4
> packages, etc, and I get these errors:

If your Makefile in tklua/src/bin says something like this:

COMMON_LIBS= -ltk -ltcl -ltklua -ltolua  -llua -llualib

try swapping the order of the libraries, such that it says:

COMMON_LIBS= -ltklua -ltolua  -llua -llualib -ltk -ltcl

I think that this should fix your problem. It is definitely a bug in
the tklua 4.0a1 Makefile. Thanks for reporting this.

- Christian