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So I shouldn't rename lua_rawtag to lua_tag insinde luaL_checktype but write
my own version of it that calls lua_tag, right?


Andre de Leiradella

>Message: 3
>   Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 14:33:03 -0500 (CDT)
>   From: Roberto Ierusalimschy <>
>Subject: Re: luaL_checktype
>> > I then changed luaL_checktype to call lua_tag instead of lua_rawtag
>> > lauxlib.c line 64) and now everything works just fine.
>> >
>> > The question is: am I doing something wrong? Or it's a bug in
>> > or in lua_rawtag?
>> It's a bug in luaL_checktype; it should use lua_tag.
>> -- Roberto
>My mistake. Actually, it is not a bug, but a name mismatch. Until 4.0, we
>used the term "type" to refer to "basic types"; only in 4.1 we changed it
>to "basic types and user-defined types". So, luaL_checktype should be (and
>will be) renamed to luaL_checkbasictype or luaL_checkrawtype. If we change
>lua_rawtag to lua_tag there, we will break several other functions (next,
>weakmode, rawset, etc.).
>Sorry about that,
>-- Roberto