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This is slightly off topic but involves Lua.

I need a cross platform library for developing little 2d games (which will be
wrapped in Lua). Usual features required, ie. surface/sprite rendering, sound,
device handling. Networking and thread support libraries would be a bonus. At a
later date it might be nice to extend the system to 3d.

I'm looking at SDL and Allegro. There seems little between them, only really
looked superficially. Also spotted ClanLib but they dont look so well supported.
Previously I have used CDX (which is a DirectX wrapper).

Has anybody used SDL and/or Allegro, that can share any useful information? Are
there any other libraries that I should be looking at? If anybody has used both
can they give a comparison. I found the discussions/flames on the Allegro
mailing list mainly subjective and unhelpful. Feel free to reply direct to avoid
cluttering mailing list.