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On Tue, Oct 09, 2001 at 05:08:46PM -0700, Brian Hook wrote:
> > Is there a reason why you cannot use tolua?
> Probably not, but I figured that the right thing for me to do is to
> learn how to do it, then use a tool to make it easier =) I just assume
> using more external tools would simply add confusion when I'm still
> trying to learn the very basics of the language right now.
> If that's not the case, then I'll get off my ass and check out tolua =)

For what it is worth, I learned a lot about how lua works by just
looking at the tolua-generated code and associated libraries. It also
helped that I had to track down an obscure memory management-related
bug in tolua 3.2 (which fortunately has been fixed in tolua 4.0a). :-)

IMHO, writing lua bindings by hand, especially if you want to keep the
rest of the project unaware of Lua, is such a big pain that for
anything more than half a dozen functions using an automated tool is
likely to save you time, even with the learning curve factored
in. Your mileage may vary, though.

Also check out LuaSWIG, beside tolua and Josh's C++ wrapper. One of
these tools may serve your needs better than the others.

- Christian