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On Tue, 2001-10-09 at 09:41, James Hearn wrote:
> I would also be interested in this. At one point there was talk of setting
> up a SourceForge project around it.
> --James Hearn

	There is already a sourceforge project up for this, but no code was
uplodaded yet. My code is realy bad code, so I was a little embaressed
to publish it before some clean up. :-) Since my code only compile (and
it is bad anyway), and there is another code base (done by Marco
Catunda) that already has a hello worls, I would sujest that we use this
code instead of mine. Since he already showed interest in helping and
donate the code for the project I think it will be fine for him also.

	The group page in source forge is the following:

	Please fell free to join the group. 

[]'s Victor Bogado da Silva Lins